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Once you are signed in to your my verizon account, you’ll be able to make changes to your service. Once you find your android data get lost unintentionally, please try not to use your device if possible.

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You may need to pay a small fee for name, address, location, phone, arrests, criminal records, and more.

How to get old phone number back verizon. Some devices earn an account credit or verizon wireless gift card. To save others the time, i figured i'd put together a quick how to. Send the confirmation code to your phone.

What if someone rings my old number after i get a new one? So, to make sure that your loved ones can reach you, you should give them your new number. It took about 10 calls, and several hours on the phone, but i finally figured out how to get the number.

Perhaps your phone is missing and you want to make sure no one else uses your line. It’s going to be difficult. Follow directions to reset phone #1 and activate.

I went through the absolute mud to get my cell number back that i had for 15 years but lost 3.5months ago. Current phone or device is broken. Follow us on twitter @vzwsupport.

The reason being that your old number will stand deactivated by verizon. If you have successfully changed your old number, then the calls or texts directed towards your old number will not reach you. Keeping your number is simple with a few basic steps.

I want to get my old number back. Mrslk, we know mistakes happen. Get carrier and location for free.

So i don't use the phone very often (since it's an old flip phone on the prepaid card system), but i need access to it to verify an old account that i'm locked out of. Sometimes if you catch it quick enough customer care can manually search his old number if no one has already taken it. (1,773 views) someone called verizon and claimed they were from a competing phone provider.

You remember that you have an old phone with verizon, so you decide to have it activated and just purchase a new phone under that from verizon, too. I recently changed my cell phone number because there were people i was trying to avoid. Hello, recently there was a specific number i wanted to get for my business since it spelled part of my business name.

(2,761 views) about a month ago i decided to switch my landline and internet to another carrier. I lost a cell phone a few months ago and need to use the phone number from it to access gmail. The new carrier arrived onsite and decided they had to do a road bore to get from their tap to my house.

Changing your phone number to a new one can be quite a bother since you have to inform people you know and update your contact information on various services or legal documents that you have. Since i most recently had the number ported to verizon some years ago, i wanted to be sure that if i paid my passed balance that i would be guaranteed my old number and they did just that.but needless to say the service did not work fully. This is a great way to recycle old, unused devices, eliminating clutter in your home and protecting the environment.

Your best bet would be to offer the person currently assigned the number a large sum of money to port the number over to your current carrier. Continue the process for phone #2. (when you click the download button on mobile phone, you will get 20% off discount.) note:

I've tried getting a new 10 digit mobile pin number thing, but is there a way that any of you know that i can get my old number back. Luckily, there are several ways you can do to keep your old phone number. I had to create a new gmail to use for work emails, but would like to see the older ones.

However, after changing my number i'm realizing how difficult i've made it for al the others i wasn't trying to avoid to contact me. Choose one device and hit “text me the code.”. No matter the case, verizon makes it easy to temporarily suspend your service and then get it turned back on later.

Go to a reverse phone lookup website. Getting an old phone number back is difficult, but transferring a current number between services is simple through the porting process. I agree, the port center can help you get back his old number as long as the old account isn't completely closed out.

With a reverse phone lookup, you can search any phone number, including a verizon number. I've had several people at verizon tell me this was not possible to do, and many people tell me that. How do i get my number back and how could verizon possibly authorize a random caller to shut down my.

My old phone number was ported and service disconnected by the new carrier. They told verizon that i was switching service to them and verizon disconnected my number and gave it away to them. I went into the att store in my area to try and see if they could change it back for me.

Yes, to confirm devices are off and ready to swap. Then once it’s on your carrier, they will need to submit paperwork to the ca. It is because when you add or delete any phone number after losing data, the data you want to restore can be automatically overwritten.

The most customary reason is that your current phone got broken and you want to stay with verizon.

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