I Wish Cell Phones Were Never Invented

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‘a phone is sometimes a really bad habet. Kids would actually play sports and games outside together instead of being hypnotized by social media.

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I wish cell phones were never invented. So, here's some things that would be different if we didn't have them. If phones didn’t exist till now, our world would be extremely different. I hate my mom's phone and i wish she never had one.

Students were asked to write about invention they wish had never. See how parents reacted to the viral post. A lot of people wouldn't be famous.

Seem almost as if the school were starving us of food and water. Hi kenny, we're sorry you did not get the help you needed. And b) they were the types of phones that did two things:

I mean, they are literally called cell phones. Make calls and play a badass game called snake. We understand this was an inconvenient and.

I hate my mom's phone and i wish she never had one. The kid said their parents use their phones too much and it's a bad habit. To prevent the smart phone eventually arriving on the market you need to eliminate the micro processor computer chip which would also eliminate all personal computer.

I think in the old days bad parents were forced to be good parents sometimes because they had to look after their children. People say smartphones make it hard to relax because of all the alerts, messages, news, and notifications our phones are blasting at us and our inability to ignore them. The child was reportedly one of four students in the class who wished cell phones had never been invented and that their parents spent more time with them.

The photo has since gone viral. With smart phones you can be a bad parent while being in proximity with your child. Ksu's bailey school of music.

I only see two ways for this product to have been avoided in our current culture. When we were in high school, cell phones did exist, but a) very few students had their own; Being at a play group is mutually exclusive with actively doing work as a workaholic.

A second grade student’s homework assignment (pictured) went viral after the child admitted they wished cell phones had never been invented because their parents were always on them. Elementary school teacher jen adams beason said four of her students told her they wished phones were never invented for a class writing prompt. Second grader's homework assignment goes viral after they wish cell phones didn't exist because their parents are always on them.

To make me wish that they had never. Sometimes i wish smartphones were never invented and we all had basic cell phones. Her hurt and disappointment were apparent as she declared, “i wish texting had never been invented.” like all communication tools, cell phones with text messaging capabilities can be positive or negative depending on how they are used.

Jen adams beason (pictured), the student’s teacher, posted a photo of the assignment on facebook last friday. According to a new survey, 46% of people say they wish smartphones were never invented because they believe it has a negative affect on society. What is something you wish had never been invented?

Att sucks, verizon sucks, makes you wish cell phones were never invented. Okay, this might sound like a hypocritical statement coming from a person who hasn’t attended a church service since he was five years old, but impugning religious figures is something humans do best when they wish to shift the blame of their own failings to others. Social interactions would be enhanced, people would actually feel connections, and all the social media drama wouldn’t exist as much as it does now.

That is an invention that i don't like. the pupil also included a doodle of a phone and an upset face with a speech bubble saying, i hate it. Between all the trolls and wasted time, it's almost worth wondering if the universe would be better off had the magic of cyberspace never existed in the first place.

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