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O2 have 1060 thru to 1079 ie 071060 00000 thru to 071079 99999. Driving citations, marriage and divorce records, and utility records all include your phone number, and these and other types of things are typically stored in public.

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For testing purposes i need phone numbers in the following categories:

Disconnected phone numbers list. A deactivation report is a report from the wireless carriers given to sms providers that details a list of deactivated phone numbers. No answer (just rings), disconnected, busy. Then select auto reject list and make sure none of the numbers.

Since some wireless carriers keep a phone number deactivated for as little as two days, this report is updated every 24 hours. Download your updated contact list. While recipients can defend against spoof calls, scammers have various motives for robocalling.

We all know the rule of not picking up if an unrecognized number is calling you, but there seem to be phone numbers that could cause far worse damage if you call them. Using telco data rpv turbo makes up to 4 inquiries to provide true connected/disconnected dispositions. We define disconnected as getting a combination of tones and a voice message stating the phone number is not valid.

Cleanmyphones.com maintains a constantly refreshed nationwide file of nearly a hundred million disconnected phone numbers. Once a phone number gets disconnected, it goes into quarantine for six months. We’ll perform a free analysis to tell you how many disconnected phone numbers are on your list.

Phone numbers to oblivionmay 8, 2009 1:10 pm subscribe. In a nutshell, you can check out all the solutions mentioned above to search and find your old phone numbers. If the owner of that phone does not pay their bill in a reasonable amount of time, the message will switch to the aforementioned “disconnected” message.

Thankfully, the latter is still free, … whether you are trying to find someone who has. Census data, consumer surveys, and other proprietary sources. Searchbug diy phone number identification batch tool.

We have a list of dnc scrubbed phone numbers but are getting a relatively high number of disconnected phones in the files. The first step is to make sure they’re getting, and using, a deactivation report. The list of permanently disconnected mobile numbers for a particular month shall be submitted as digitally signed documents in ‘microsoft excel (.xlsx)’ format and uploaded by the authorized officer of the telecom service provider on the authority’s website by 7th of the following month.

The possible reasons for the. Understanding how voip, 800, and disconnected telephone numbers work is not on the average person’s list of skills. Nuisance numbers 0737082139 some garbage about my nbn being disconnected if i don't speak to the technician 0370052186 called and did not leave a message 0370052185 called did not leave a message 0272515978 another nuisance caller 0755514864 another nuisance caller

Finding and maintaining a list of disconnected numbers can even be the primary goal of robocalling campaigns. Having strange people call from “anonymous” numbers can lose businesses money, cause personal trauma, and ultimately waste people’s time. Do not call list plus active or disconnected number check.

Realphonevalidation’s phone number validator is the industry’s most accurate phone validation service. Lnp check for current carrier. I need about a dozen each discon, busy, no answer (no answering machine, at least 10 rings).

A search of disconnected numbers works incredibly well, and it makes sense when you think about it. Having a name can help you ensure that you have the right previous owner of the number, but even just the number can get you a list of people who have owned the number and public records about them. After the completion of six months, the phone number is available to the service provider to reissue to a new customer.

My name is dice rollen & today i have a list of creepy numbers. Disconnected phone verification services verify if your customer's telephone number has been disconnected or is still active. When you have a phone number assigned to you, you use it on a number of forms.

Any area code in the usa. If the person who owns the phone disconnected the number, you will get a message that that number has been disconnected. Ideally we would like to be able to dial the number determine if the number is disconnected and hang up.

Upload files with phone numbers to determine line type (landline, cell, voip). So without further ado, these are my top ten phone numbers you should never call.

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