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Mine acts up most when i try to use the touch screen while it is plugged in, charging. So your phone fips out thinking that it is charging then not charging.

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When the screen is locked the face id will open then go to pass code and random numbers started getting.

Why is my phone acting up when charging. Think about a charger as having a lifespan of at least two years. Someone is spending that balance. I don't know if something's been off about apple's manufacturing/assembly, or what, but it's.

Today, we’ll pick up at batter behaviors. But you shouldn’t be charging to your phone to 100% anyways, according to android pit — constantly doing a full recharge will shorten the battery’s lifespan. This is not always the case as some people had faulty chargers period but this issue has been reported and found to be, most of the time, a polarity issue with the wall outlet.

I was on stock rooted (wife's phone, she gets pissed when i play with it), switched to unoriginal 1.4.6 to see if this would cure the issue, it took awhile but started doing it again. The screen is damaged from a drop; If your phone is slower than it used to be and doesn’t respond to commands as quickly, malware could be busy doing things in the background.

It will be at 56% and die so ill plug it in and it will turn on and go back to 56%. Sometimes it happens when my iphone (6s plus) is plugged into my macbook pro, sometimes it's when it's plugged into an outlet on a power strip (via a usb charger block thing). But my phone completely died and ive had it plugged in for 2 hours and it wont turn back on.

This is called ghost touching. Why does my phone overheating and battery drains fast? The iphone is registering touch without you actually touching it.

I'd toss that charger and/or cable away and buy an original one. Sometimes it charges just fine, sometimes it does the constant on/off thing. It is just sitting on the low red battery black screen.

The reason why so many cords on a charger wear out quickly is that they are constantly pulled, dragged, and abused in general. The wireless charger worked perfectly with my phone (i have a galaxy note 9) when he put his phone on the charger it makes the waum noise saying it has started charging, but after a few seconds there are ghost touches and it starts acting up. Many people may suffered this issue.

Screen going crazy with phantom swipes. So earlier i was using my iphone 5c and it was low battery and i was dumb enough to not charge it when suddenly it died and when i was putting my usb cord to charge my phone, it said it wasnt charging even though it wasnt, so i asked a friend if my usb cord would work on his portable one, but the apple logo showed up then went away i was like what the !&&*, so i went to a deli and asked if. Or if it's on an app, it'll type by itself and start sliding up and down.

Sounds like a google pixel 2 that’s been dropped on an upper corner. My phone is just over a year old. If your phone whether it's an iphone 6s or a galaxy s6 suddenly gets hot although you’re not using it in a hot summer or it's not charging, then you should pay attention.

If you have been experiencing battery issues, it may be a problem with the way you have your phone set up or some of your usage habits. Even those trying to take decent care of their charger for their phone or laptop will still end up doing a little bit of harm. This is actually one of the leading causes as to why a phone will show that it’s charging when not plugged into a charger, or constantly beeping as though the charger is being plugged into the phone and then removed from the phone continually.

I have a zte grand x 3 the phone was plugged in last night to charge aand i woke up this morning and it wasn’t charging but it was charging last night so i took the charger out turn the phone off plugged the phone in but it wouldn’t turn on to charge then i turned it off and use a different phone to turn on and charge as it has a different. It is caused by electrical discharge in the form of either current or static charge. Damage might have been cause already though which will most likely be seen by.

And this doesn't happen when i'm charging my phone in my car! Your phone is more likely to overheat when it’s at a full charge, so charge it when it drops to near 30% and unplug it once it reaches an 80% charge. And published one of the pictures in instagram!!!!.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason about why it's happening. Problems with ghost touches on the screen while charging is very common when using third party chargers or cables. Welcome to owning a fragile piece of junk.

It sets up an electrical ground loop that confus. It only happens when i'm charging through an outlet (so far, anyway.) i don't know what's going on at this point. Well recently i keep getting the same message over and over again.

It will give the charging beep and charging icon on the notification bar. My phone died and wont turn back on my phone battery is terrible. Screen damaged from having sat on it;

There are many possible reasons: If your phone is still acting up and it’s showing that it’s charging even though there is no. For about a month now my phone has been, scrolling screens on it's own, starting programs or apps, selecting things i am not trying to.

Phone and screen damaged from a liq. I have my phone in. When unplugging from the charger it starts acting like when you first plug it in to charge.

Diagnosing battery behavior there are a dozen or more reasons why your phone might be having battery problems, and most of them are settings. This post only addresses iphone acting up while charging and using the device. On the other hand, your phone could be acting weird because it has a hardware problem — the power button or charging port can fail, for example.

An overheating phone will lead to a faster battery draining or even cause the battery to explode, which is dangerous.

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