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On very rare occasions, everytime i try i keep getting the message, beep, and hangs up. Why my samsung phone keeps on automatically hanging up.

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Any idea how i can look into this?

Why is my phone hanging up when i call someone. This leaves lesser space for the running the apps and that in turn causes clogged memory. Most carriers have set up call limitations that automatically drop calls after a certain time. The number one reason is the mobile network you.

This isn't a bug of the app. I have restarted my phone a few times and that didnt fix it. The google assistant setup reminder pops up over and over again without prompting interrupting.

My phone is a samsung galaxy note 2, stock android (4.3 as per latest update). I've tried fiddling with the settings to see if something was wrong, but nothing i did changed anything. Many users complained their iphones automatically hang up after two or four hours.

I don't know if it's the phone or the carrier, but whenever i try to call someone or someone calls me, the call will hang up without a dial sound. I'm have trouble with my e971 optimus g. “in my contact centres, we only gave one polite warning about unacceptable customer behaviour (swearing or inappropriate advances) and then staff were allowed to terminate the call.”.

There may be times when hanging up is excusable, in my opinion. In this post, we will discuss ‘why your phone keeps hanging up’ and solutions you can apply to fix it. This will blow away any app's or contact lists or any downloads, music.

It implies you have zero respect for that person, what they have to say, think or feel. Backup your personal things to the sd card. Oct 10, 2013 at 12:31 am.

Also referred to as phone freezing or phone crash, the phone hanging problem is a common one among the smartphones. Every time i try to make a call my phone immediately hangs up. For instance, if my wife calls me from her cell phone (sprint iphone 5s), it will always hang up immediately after answering.

This phone is over complicated to even find the simplest of functions such as muting sounds. To the receiver it can possibly hurt their feelings if they value your opinion of them. If an apple, just take it back.

I am facing the same issue. I have full bars for signal. Apps pose the biggest interference with phone functionality from my experience.

It literally hangs up before it even rings, like within 1 second of hitting the call button. However my phone always hangs up on them 1 second after the call. Why does my phone hang up by itself?

Not even flip the camera to back camera or hang up the call or go to any other app. Force reboot your samsung phone. When you see a random number show up on your call screen, you may have big dreams and fantasies that it’s your high school crush calling, calling to announce her profound love for you.

If my wife calls me from our house phone, it always works like normal. The behavior is the same, based on the number calling me. Ok.you call or dial a number (as they say)…it goes thru, you hear a ring back tone, which is a supervisory signal to the caller, that the number has found wh.

It sounds like you are referring to your mobile phone dropping calls, when a phone call is cut short by no conscious action of either party. Boot your samsung phone in safe mode. It leaves the person hung up on angry about the conversation, as well as, the abrupt, rude, disrespectful, ending to it.

My friends don't want to talk to me and i use my phone for work and this is proving impossible as well. While this seems like standard practice, david adds that before the advisor hung up on the customer, they first had to explain why. It diidn't use to do this.

Sd card) of the phone. If your phone hangs, it is advisable to install apps in the external memory (i.e. My captivate phone which is still running the original android version, just started about 3 days ago to hang up right after i dial a number.

M1559456395372 , jun 2, 2019 : There are a multitude of reasons why dropped calls occur. [full steps] 5 ways to solve samsung phone keeps hanging up.

If an android there could be various reasons. The phone hangs and you can do nothing. Obviously a lot of people are having this issue.

This happens as soon as you press the back button. Save your contacts and pictures and sounds to your sd card or transfer them to your computer, i suggest wiping your phone and starting fresh and don't forget to check for updates again if you do. My internet still works with my data.

First, do a factory reset. But truth be told, unfortunately it’s more likely that you’re receiving a spam call…sorry. In most cases, by default, the apps get installed in the internal memory of the phone.

The phone hanging can be caused by various reasons ranging from software to hardware faults.

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