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I'm connected to wifi both at home and at work. To make matters worse, carriers can’t tell you anything more than which phone is having the problem — they can’t tell you what’s causing the problem.

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I have connected using my iphone 4 and turned on the personal hotspot feature.

Why is my phone using data when connected to wifi iphone. If not, you can follow these steps to force ios to use mobile internet while connected to a wifi network. Why is my phone using cellular data, when connected to wifi? How to turn off cellular data access when on wifi.

Your cellular company (i.e at&t, verizon, etc) doesn't know how much data you use over wifi, and they will not bill you for it (obviously, there is some cost for internet in your house, but that is separate). My understanding is that if i'm connected to wifi, i should not be using data. Turn off the power to the router, wait 30 seconds and turn the power back on.

Even so, that seems excessive. How do i stop my iphone using data instead of wifi? Wifi assist will use cellular data if the wifi connection is exceptionally poor or not working for some reason.

Sure enough, it had went up by around 10mb. I upgraded to an iphone 8 plus in september and since then my usage has been over 3gigs per month, even though i'm on wifi most of the day. Fortunately there’s a way with an iphone and ios to turn off this annoying feature.

Mobile data is expensive, and when an iphone is using too much data, the bill you receive from your carrier can be shocking, to say the least. But my daughter's phone the past 2 months has been showing attached to wifi, but she is using 8g each month per my plan. The first two days after i received my iphone 5, i racked up 400mb of cellular data.

Apparently he has found that his mobile devices continue to use atnt cellular data even after he has entered a wifi covered area. On the cellular data screen, disable cellular data usage by moving the toggle to off position. Apple implies that the cellular data is “assisting” the wifi, but with the poor cell reception here, i can confirm that this feature just slows down my iphone internet speed.

Why is my phone using data when on wifi? In my experience, when this happens. The times indicated are when my phone is at home, or at work.

I have iphone 3 and only 100mb data allowance but only use phone in the house and am connected to wifi. Why is my iphone using data on wifi i usually use less than 2g of data, but apparently this month and last i have used over 9g. I think my gripe is more the idea that the phones all seem to bounce between wifi and cellular, depending on the signal strength (or the whims of the phone) maybe in a normal month that would not affect us.

Ios 12 / ios 13 / ios 14 instructions (use mobile data for specific wifi network) go to “settings” then “wifi” connect to your wifi network; I've checked and i am connected to the wifi but have large amounts of data being used throughout the day. I am not yet connected to.

But my daughter's phone using 8gb (mostly from a single app) was an unpleasant surprise. 99% of the time i was using my phone, i was connected over wifi. Checked hub and phone settings and all appears ok but for last two months o2 texting to say ive used my allowance.

After the router has completed its startup routine and indicates a good connection to the internet turn on your iphone. I'm asking because my windows 8 laptop cannot recognize my friend's router, as in it can't even find it, however, my iphone 4 can. If you go to settings>cellular, you can see what's using your cellular data.

I'm confused about data usage / hotspot while connected to wifi. Follow the steps below to stop icloud photo app from using cellular data on your iphone. Click the info (i) icon next to your current wifi network to view network info

There are 3 iphone 4s on my wireless plan. Your cellular data not working may happen for a few reasons. If the phone is in standby and not connected to power, it will switch to cellular data.

It's there for when wifi is poor so the phone switches to data to maintain good connection. Open settings > scroll down and tap on photos. Why is my phone using data at all?

So i ran a test on my own by watching a youtube video over wifi and then looking at my cellular data under the usage menu. I rarely use my phone unless i'm on wifi, so i reset my counter last night before bed while i was connected to my home wifi. I also don't understand what is using data.

I am connected to wifi at home all the time and at work and use less than 2g of data a month. When data is enabled, it will only be used when you are not connected to wifi (ios was built to prefer wifi). Does your phone use data when connected to wifi?

On the photos screen, scroll down and tap on cellular data.

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